The revolution of the Out-of-Home Experience

Rodinia is a magical, culinary journey to foreign lands and cultures.


Creating places worldwide that transport guests to another world and bring people and cultures back together.


Through culinary arts, multisensory, dramaturgy, media technology and architecture, we create a new type of illusion.

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About Rodinia

The original Rodinia was a hypothetical supercontinent that broke apart 800 million years ago. In many cultures, it is said that there is no such thing as wanderlust, only homesickness – for our common origin. We as people have the need to come together. And that is exactly the goal of Rodinia: to bring countries, cultures, and people together again.

Rodinia is the completely new entertainment, culture, and gastronomy concept of the Stay2Discover GmbH. The revolutionary combination of cinema, gastronomy, cocktail bar, and travel invites its guests to a magical evening under the motto “A journey to the world and beyond”. It is a multi-sensory journey to foreign countries and cultures.

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"We create a unique multisensory adventure. A destination to travel to anywhere in the world and beyond. A groundbreaking home for digitally connected architecture and the largest LED screen in the world."
Torben Stallmann
Founder Stay2Discover GmbH
How Rodinia works

The motto “A journey to the world and beyond” is based on a culinary concept that takes the guest on a journey in interaction with a staged story. Rodinia embodies the essence of a destination in an extraordinary illusion in which all 5 senses are addressed. The illusion is supported by a sophisticated dramaturgy with 360° film experience, top gastronomy, state-of-the art technology, and architecture designed specifically to enhance the experience. Rodinia offers a different country, a different world, a different culinary experience in specially produced films on a rotating basis every 6 weeks. With a highly scalable design, Stay2Discover GmbH aims to create up to 50 locations worldwide. Locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and, in the medium term, internationally are in the planning stages, as well as more openings via a franchise system.

"Once a year, you should visit a place you've never been to before."

Dalai Lama

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The ingredients Rodinia
A country-specific, high-quality menu is one of the key components of the sensory experience for each destination.
Throughout the evening, the guest is immersed in an emotional, country-specific story and thus in the culture.

Unique display technology creates a visual 360° experience that is perfectly aligned with the dramaturgy.

The spaces developed for Rodinia support the experience while enabling maximum efficiency.
High-class food & beverages

Every Rodinia journey is developed around on a country-specific menu with high-quality food and beverages. Just like on a real journey, the guest encounters the destination through the food and creates memorable sensory moments.

Rodinia’s expert Culinary Director is Cornelius Speinle. The Guide Michelin star chef is one of Switzerland's youngest Michelin-starred chefs with a passion for multisensory dining and cooking. Together with a guest chef from the respective country, Cornelius Speinle creates the menus for each Rodinia destination.

Cooking is done according to an ultra-modern, system gastronomy concept that is perfectly scalable.

The service staff pamper the guests and heighten the feeling of "being there" based on special training. We therefore place great value on the training and development of our staff. For this purpose, we have developed our own training concept together with the world-renowned EHL Hotel Management School in Passugg/Switzerland. Employees are also given shares in the company.

The dramaturgy of the evening invites guests on an emotional journey in addition to a cultural encounter

Each evening journey with Rodinia is a story. Following classic principles like the hero's journey, the story invites guests to emotionally connect with the destination. And it doesn't just move guests on the evening of the event: it begins when the evening is booked and ends days later.

The story is told through a variety of media: from the digital ticket to add-on content, from interior design to acting by the staff, from the food itself to displays that flank the visitors' path to their table.

A specially produced film by Swiss filmmaker Ditti Bürgin features on the LED walls in the guest room. Winner of the German Film Award, Bürgin has extensive experience with events, including the Swiss event concept "Das Zelt" and as tour manager of Michael Jackson and DJ Bobo. Together with an experienced team of stage managers, actors and dramaturges, he develops a dramaturgical concept for each destination.


Unique media technology creates a breathtaking visual experience

With an area of around 600 square metres, the walls in the guest room are among the largest LED surfaces in the world. Around 1,000 sqm of LEDs are installed throughout the building.

The high-resolution 8K screens enable a perfect illusion. Supported by 3D effect acoustics, the guest is fully transported into foreign situations. This impression is completed by selectively introduced fragrances created by the perfumers of Urban Scents/Berlin.

Stay2Discover GmbH has Samsung Electronics as a permanent global technology partner. As an innovation leader in display technology, Samsung is the perfect contact for the LED surfaces.

The architectural spaces support the experience

The basis of the building's architecture is a house-in-house concept. The main components are the foyer with bar, the approximately 10-metre-long LED tunnel and the round guest room with a diameter of 20 metres.

A special feature of the round room are the LED walls, a good 5 metres high, which provide a 360° degree experience under a dome. The dome is illuminated by custom-built beamer technology and can be opened and closed.

The kitchen planning provides for an industrial kitchen of the highest standard to make the cooking process as efficient as possible. All functional rooms are designed in a uniform manner and are inserted into existing building envelopes in the simplest possible way.

Conference rooms are provided where conditions permit. These expand the possibilities for B2B events.

One structure countless possibilities
The single structure of the Rodinia venues allows for a variety of different uses – such as exclusively staged business events for product presentations or lectures, supported by state-of-the-art technology and the possibility of live streaming.

Cultural events are also possible: a unique space for live music, readings or variety shows, supported by state-of-the-art technology and the possibility of live streaming.

The possibilities in this unique location are endless.

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Rodinia Competitive Advantage

Highly scalable (design, program, location)

Innovation leader and first mover

High level of market entry for potential competitors

Rodinia is the "next big thing"

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Bruno Ette

Bruno Ette is founder and managing director of Stay2Discover GmbH. With his extensive experience as an entrepreneur as well as a sales executive, he has great business expertise, a global network and extensive knowledge in building businesses.

Torben Stallmann

Torben Stallmann is founder and managing director of Stay2Discover GmbH. With his energy, he drives the project forward as project manager. He builds on his diverse experience in the areas of Industry 4.0, technical building equipment and process optimisation.